Scott Thomas offers some simple insights into leadership over at the Acts29 blog.  It was a good reminder.

Many leaders fail to passionately celebrate the accomplished goals of their team or business or church. It seems that they are never satisfied and are focused on the minor flaws rather than exuberantly enjoying the positive advances with the team. Too many leaders lack the passion that inspires others to invest fully for the vision of the organizaton.

  1. Leadership is sometimes shaking the opposing coach’s hand too hard.
  2. Leadership is cheering every baptism.
  3. Leadership is crying at weddings.
  4. Leadership is getting donuts and coffee for the set-up team.
  5. Leadership is getting on your knees to look a child in the eyes.
  6. Leadership is celebrating a church launch.
  7. Leadership is sending a timely card of thanks for a job well done.
  8. Leadership is dying for the good of others.
  9. Leadership is running to the empty tomb to see for yourself.
  10. Leadership is restoring discouraged men back into ministry after denying Christ 3 times.
  11. Leadership is leaving your disciples with a task so compelling and so enormous that it is taking over 2,000 years to accomplish.
  12. Leadership is doing things that not everyone understands.

Lead with passion and celebrate with your team–even if you occasionally over celebrate.

Love it!  Read more here.

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