Happy Friday!  We’re enjoying a day off today, as we celebrate a Greek national holiday: OHI Day.  Ohi – in Greek, όχι – means “no” and Ohi Day marks Greece’s refusal to succumb to Mussolini’s demand that Greece allow Axis powers to occupy the nation (28-Oct-1940), as well as Greece’s participation in WWII.  School children will march in parades across every city and village in Greece.  So with our ministry center closed, we’re enjoying some extra family time together today!

Last weekend, Kristin and I took the girls to a forest preserve just outside of the city.  It was a lot of fun.  The girls loved exploring nature – learning about trees, feeding ants, and enjoying God’s beautiful creation.  Here’s a few pictures from our time:

Emma helping us find the way.
Exploring the forest, counting rings, learning about trees!
Kristin and girls looking into the koi pond.
Checking out the creepy Jesus Cave.

2 thoughts on “Friday Photos – 28.10.2011

  1. Love those family outings – thanks alot for sharing. The girls having fun – learning,learning- life is all about it !! Enjoy your day off today ! Frosty roof tops over here and in the grass, really white but the sun is out in all it’s glory. God’s blessings –

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