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Happy _________ (choose your own event: Halloween, Harvest Festival, Reformation Day)!   Our latest newsletter can be downloaded HERE.  Enjoy!  If you don’t like pictures or .pdf files, you can find a text-only version of our update below.

We’re so thankful that you all are a part of our ministry!  We couldn’t be here without you.  We are so thankful for your prayers, support, encouragement, and so much more!

By God’s Grace –

Brett, Kristin, Sofia, and Emma


The Shame of Man and the Glory of God

In the economic world, Greece is the shame of Europe. Debt, austerity measures, and protests dominate the world’s perception of this tiny nation.  However, we have an opportunity to see another side of Greece: disciples being made, lives being transformed, the future of nations being shaped. And all of this by the power of the gospel!  God’s grace is being revealed to the nations through what is happening here in Athens!

Isn’t that just like God?!  God is revealing His strength in a place that the world regards as weak.

Two weeks ago, a new Kurdish (Iraqi) brother was baptized.  Over the summer, we witnessed several Afghans and Iranians take this same step of faith.  Right now, refugees from Somalia, Pakistan, and Algeria have free and immediate access to the Bible in their own languages!

We’re seeing the gospel penetrate the hearts of refugees from nations where such explicit gospel proclamation is outlawed – often punishable with prison or even death. And this isn’t hypothetical.  This sort of persecution is really happening right now in each of the nations I mentioned above.

Our refugee friends come from nations that have set up high walls to keep the gospel out – no missionaries, no Bibles, no churches, no conversion.  And yet here in Greece, many refugees from “closed countries” are encountering the Jesus of scripture for the first time – and their lives are being changed by the gospel! 

Isn’t that just like God?!  God reveals His glory in the cross of Christ – which simultaneously evokes both worship and rioting!

As Paul said in this very city, God has determined where the nations should dwell, “that they should seek Him” (Acts 17:27).  Today, the nations are in Athens; and God is drawing them to Himself!

Thanks for your prayers, your support, and your love!

The Sanners


 Family News

We continue to thank God for His grace and provision in our lives. We’re excited to announce that Kristin is pregnant!  She is 12 weeks along, and everything is progressing well.  Baby Sanner is scheduled to arrive mid-May.  We’re excited to welcome him or her!

After spending the last two months on a waiting list, Sofia is scheduled to begin nursery school on Tuesday (Nov. 1).  Please pray for Sofia and for us during this new phase of life!  Emma will turn 2 in December.  She is talking more each day and loves to explore the world around her.

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