A project long in the making has finally come to be: Kingdom Beyond Borders: Finding Hope Along the Refugee Highway.

Kingdom Beyond Borders is a collection of refugee stories and testimonies from 15 years of ministry at Helping Hands!  What more could you ask for!  While most of these stories pre-date our family’s arrival in Athens, it is encouraging to see the legacy of God’s work here.  I’m honored to a part of a long line of God’s servants here in Athens.  Indeed, we stand on the shoulders of giants.  Our history here encourages me; our future here inspires me!  Here’s the publishers description of the book:

Kingdom Beyond Borders is a collection of true stories, told by refugees – unwanted people living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances. Helping Hands Ministry in Athens, Greece, shines as a bright beacon on the long and treacherous refugee highway. There, the heroes of this book – like thousands of others – found help, acceptance, and friendship; but above all, they found the key that unlocked the secret to the Kingdom. These are their stories.

All profits from the book go back to International Teams‘ refugee work around the world!  So, buy a copy for yourself and one for a friend (of course, this is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone interested in missions, refugees, or who simply loves a great story)!

Amazon (paperback and Kindle) – HERE

Barnes & Noble – HERE

WestBow Press – HERE

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