Happy Friday!  Wow – what a week here!  It’s been a very busy work week.  Tomorrow our friends Susie and Yousef get married (I’m the best man; Sofia is a flower girl).  Sunday I’ll run the Athens Classic Marathon.  I think that I’ll be ready for an IV drip and 24 hours of sleep by Monday!!  In all seriousness, I’m excited about what’s doing in the ministry, even through some significant changes (more on that later).  I’m super excited for Susie and Yousef!  And my adrenaline is already pumping for the big race on Sunday.  If anything, I’ll have “excitement fatigue” by Monday!  Your prayers for the weekend are appreciated.  Here are a few pictures from our week at the ministry center – plus an oldie of Yousef and I.  Enjoy!

Our teammate Ritsa (L) with a volunteer from the Pefki Evangelical Church
Even on the refugee highway, life continues (here a refugee from Afghanistan shows off her 20 day old son)
Our teammate Wendy (L) teaching the kids lesson with the help of a translator
Me and Yousef from a few years back! Excited for him and Susie tomorrow!

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