Happy Friday!  A wedding and the marathon last weekend… whew, I’m hoping that this weekend will be more restful.  Our teammate Susie and friend Youssef were marred on Saturday.  I was Youssef’s best man; Sofia was one of the flower girls.  Good times!  Congrats and many blessings to Susie and Youssef as they begin their life together!

On Sunday, I ran from the village of Marathon to the city of Athens: the 29th running of the Athens Classic Marathon!  After 4 hours and 46 minutes battling the rain and cold, I finished my first marathon.  I was a sore for a couple of days… but I’m already looking for the next race!

Enjoy the pics…

Family shot at the wedding!
Family shot at the wedding!
Youssef, Susie, and the wedding party.
Our teammates Christy (L) and Tasha (R) with our girls watching the runners
Staying warm, waiting for dad
4 hours 46 minutes later!

One thought on “Friday Photos 18.11.2011

  1. Oh my goodness Brett, didn’t your knees “cry out” to you with pain? That a long run man.
    Congratulations! Nice family photo all dressed for the wedding ! Did Kristen make Sofia’s dress? You all look good! Have a great week. God’s blessings – Greta

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