Hate crime is an ugly, ugly thing.  And while it is certainly not the norm in Greece, hate crimes against foreigners (including asylum seekers) have escalated in 2011.   Human Rights Watch is documenting some of the difficulties here in Greece.

In a report released on Monday, Human Rights Watch found…

Victims of racist violence in Greece face daunting obstacles to seeking justice, Human Rights Watch said. The police discourage victims by insisting they pay a 100 euro fee for filing an official complaint, even though the police have an obligation to record complaints and inform the prosecutor before any fee is paid.


Undocumented migrants fear they will be detained and subject to deportation for reporting crimes against them. Police bias also appears to be a serious problem. Migrants and asylum seekers have told Human Rights Watch that they have been turned away when they try to seek help and have alleged that the police have failed to intervene while attacks were under way.

Read the entire report HERE – and please pray that in the Greek system justice would roll like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream!

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