I thought that I’d take five minutes and walk you through a few new features on the blog, plus review some top posts from the last few months.

First, I’ve added a “sermons” page, where I can add audio from messages at churches here in Greece or back in the States.  Right now there are just four sermons up, but I hope to keep adding.  Click HERE to check out the “sermons” page.

Second, you can now subscribe to the blog via email.  How does it work?  When we post something new on the blog, you’ll automatically receive it (text, pictures, and all) in your inbox!  What could be better?!  Well, okay, we could all probably think of a few things that are better… but if you don’t find the idea offensive, simply enter your email address in “email subscription” box to the right —–>

Third, in case you missed them, here are a few popular posts from Oct-Dec.

Finally, this is a great time for year-end gifts.  With another baby on the way, your support is MUCH APPRECIATED!!  There are several ways to give:

By Mail: Send your gift to “International Teams; 411 W. River Rd.; Elgin, IL 60123.”  Make checks payable to “International Teams,” but attach a note indicating that you wish the gift to be designated “towards the ministry of Brett & Kristin Sanner in Athens.”  Also include your address, phone/email, and whether this is a monthly or occasional gift.

Online: Follow this link to give a one-time gift by means of credit card (Master Card/Visa).  Simply designate your gift “towards the ministry of Brett & Kristin in Athens” in the box labeled “Where to give.”

Automatic Withdrawal: Follow this link to learn more about giving by Electronic Funds Transfer, a monthly withdrawal from a checking or savings account.

Many thanks, much love, and merry Christmas!!  

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