One of the most difficult parts of refugee ministry is that we’re constantly saying goodbye to people we’ve come to love dearly.  That’s the case again this week, as another good friend moves on from Athens.  “A” is a strong woman.  She came to Athens from Afghanistan with five children and a drug addicted husband (a horrible epidemic among Afghans seeking to escape pain and poverty) three years ago.   She didn’t speak Greek or English when she arrived; her husband was abusive and stole from the family in order to get drugs; the odds were stacked against her.  But “A” is a fighter.  She never gave up.  Through many unimaginable situations, she kept working hard for the sake of her children.

Like a flower in the sun, we’ve seen “A’s” heart open before God’s rich grace.  Please continue to pray for her.  Here’s more info from our teammates Kent and Myrna:

Another big news item for us is that our friend “A” has been accepted to immigrate legally to Germany where her son is currently living.  We are SO happy for her to be able to go without worry of being caught and sent back and to have a place to go.  Life has been VERY hard for her here but through it all she has kept her sweet spirit.  She is truly one of my favorite people and I find as I am writing this that the tears are starting to flow as I think about her going away.  There are so many bittersweet moments in this ministry.   We are thankful that she will have a chance at a better life.  We are thankful that her son is a Christian so she will not stop hearing about Jesus but our hearts ache with the thought of not being a part of her and her sweet children’s lives.  Pray for her as she goes.  Pray for her husband who is a heroin addict and not a kind man.  Pray that her son will be a strong witness to her and her husband.  Pray for us because it hurts to say goodbye and the temptation is to close ourselves off from loving new people because of the fact that we will likely have to say goodbye to them as well.

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