Hi Friends,

Greetings from cold and raining Athens!  Life continues to march onward here: Sofia and Emma are growing up so quickly; the ministry is busy and constantly changing; each day is full of great challenges and great celebrations.  Life doesn’t slow down, but neither does God’s care and provision.  Thanks so much for being a part of our ministry team.  Your support, your encouragement, your prayers – they are priceless to us!  Here’s how you can pray for us today:

1 – God saves sinners.  This simple fact continues to amaze and humble me.  In the last few weeks we’ve seen several refugees put their faith in Christ: two young Afghan men and an Afghan girl  (and please pray for the rest of her family – mom, dad, and three siblings – who are also seeking earnestly to know the Truth). Please pray for these new brothers and new sister in Christ.  Pray for courage and strength in the face of rejection (in some cases, their families will never speak to them again); pray for deepening faith and knowledge; pray for the witness of their testimony as they speak and serve in the name of Jesus.  Join us in praising God for His work in these lives!

2 – Lives on the move.  Working with refugees, we’re constantly saying goodbye to dear friends.  Last week a good friend – “A” – and her family (husband and four kids) moved from Greece to Germany to be reunited with her oldest son.  We’re thankful that she her family will be together once again.  Praise God for this, but please continue to pray for “A.”  She has confessed faith in Jesus, but like the seed sown among the weeds, the many difficulties in her life have made it a challenge for her faith to grow and thrive.  Pray that as she leaves Greece, God would use this change to help her faith blossom.

Many families are torn apart as they travel along the refugee highway: sometimes intentionally (e.g. sending the wife ahead into Northern Europe so that she might secure asylum for the entire family) and sometimes unintentionally (e.g. a family member is arrested or lost in a foreign city).  In either case, this separation often devastates families.  We work closely with dozens of families that have been separated.  What is worse yet, we are now working with several young children who are one their own.  Please pray for these kids (“unaccompanied minors”).  One particular child is close to our heart.  “S” – a 9-year old Afghan – has a mom and two sisters in Germany; she is in Greece alone with her father.  Her father, however, is a drug-addict.  He is now so deeply controlled by these drugs that he cannot care for his daughter.  Although completely well, “S” is now living in a hospital, waiting to be placed in a state-run orphanage.  Please pray for this precious young girl.

3 – Life together.  Please pray for our ministry team here.  As you can probably tell from the above, there is a lot going on: good and bad, frustrating and exciting.  God is really using the team in great ways right now, so please pray against division and disunity – tools that Satan would use to divert our focus.  God is greater, so please pray that we would rely on Him for our strength, our unity, our focus, and our endurance.  This is a busy season of ministry and we have several teammates in the US for furlough, pray for our strength and perseverance.

4 – The Sanner family.  We would also appreciate your prayers for our family.  In addition to balancing all of the above, Kristin is five and half months pregnant.  From what our doctor tells us, the baby looks perfectly healthy, as does mom.  But we would still appreciate your prayers.  As we begin to look into the future, we are also praying through what our next season of life and ministry will look like.  Would you pray for wisdom and clarity on our behalf?

Thanks for your prayers!  We deeply appreciate your partnership in our ministry.

By God’s Grace,

Brett, Kristin, Sofia & Emma

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