Would you help share the good news of Easter with a refugee this year?  One of our teammates wrote the following support letter.  We’d love for you to be a part of what God is doing here this Easter season!

Spring is here and Easter is right around the corner.  On one busy day at the Athens Refugee Center we were showing the Jesus film in Farsi, as we always do on Saturdays.  In the midst of this chaos, two women sat crying.  Our teammate Susie asked them if she could help them.  They said, “We were watching about Jesus.”  She realized then that they were focused on the movie and she left them to watch.  When the movie was over she went back to the women to see if they had any questions.  They said, “We did not know about this (Jesus rising from the dead).  Why has no one shared this news with us before?”  Easter is a time when we can share with refugees the wonderful truth about Jesus’ death and resurrection.  In the past we have done that in a variety of ways.  We have had special events with puppets and crafts all sharing the good news of Jesus’ resurrection.  We share messages about Easter and pass out literature in their own language.  We give out Tsoureki (a sweet bread traditional at Easter) as a special treat at our Easter meal.  This year once again we are planning a special outreach and other treats.  Your gift can help us to share the message of Jesus at this critical time.  To give, please send your gift (designated to “Helping Hands, Athens – Easter 2012) to:

International Teams – USA; 411 W. River Rd.; Elgin, IL 60123; USA

International Teams – UK; PO Box 11; Brecon, Powys, Wales, LD3 9WJ; UK

International Teams – Australia; PO Box 1123; Baulkham Hills, NSW 1755; Australia

International Teams – Canada; 1 Union Street; Elmira, Ontario N3B 3J9; Canada

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