Happy Friday.  Thanks for your support, encouragement, and love!  Last week I was able to travel to the port city of Patra (about 2.5 hrs west of Athens) with a teammate.  We met together with a group from the Free Evangelical Church and visited several refugee camping sites (literally, places on the edge of the city where refugees have set up camps of cardboard boxes and tarps while they wait for their chance to get on board a ferry headed for Italy).  We are very encouraged that the church has a small group that is visiting these camp sites every week with practical helps (tea, snacks, fruit, oil) and encouragement (friendship, prayer, testimonies).  A few of our teammates join the church group every other week to encourage them and provide translation.  Please pray for the situation in Patra and the church’s ongoing outreach efforts.  Here are some pictures from our visit.  Enjoy!

The beautiful church of Agios Andreas in Patras.
Refugees living in a burnt-out building just outside Patra.
Trading stories with the refugees
The 'community kitchen' at another camping site (where refugees sleep under an overpass).
A man from the Free Evangelical Church of Patra shares his testimony.

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