Praying Friends,

We’d appreciate your prayers in the coming weeks…

1 – Sanner Baby #3 is due in two weeks.  We’re very excited to welcome her!  Pray for Kristin and the baby’s health and safety.  Brett’s mom is coming to Athens next week, to help as we prepare for the baby’s arrival. She has been having knee problems, so please pray for an easy and painless flight.  Thanks for your prayers.  We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the baby makes her appearance!

2 – As we prepare for the baby’s arrival, we’re also making arrangements to leave Greece.  We plan on moving in less than two months.  We hope to be back in the US either in mid- or late-June, depending on how long it takes to get all the necessary paperwork together (Greek birth certificate, Greek naming papers, US report of birth abroad, and passport… it’s a process!!).  A moving company is coming on Thursday to collect a few boxes that we will have shipped back to the US.  Please pray for us in the coming chaos!

3 – Moving forward, Brett’s heart is in teaching and serving in a local church.  We’re still looking for the right opportunity to continue in ministry once we return.  We’d appreciate your prayers… and news of any opportunities that you may know about!

4 – Please pray for Greece.  Elections will be held next weekend.  There is wide-spread dissatisfaction and anger.  The outcome of this election will no doubt effect Greece’s future – as well as the many refugees and immigrants within the country.  Please pray for Greece this week!

5 – At Easter, we celebrated the baptisms of 3 refugees from Iran.  We’re also looking forward to the baptism of an Afghan refugee later this week. God is drawing people to Himself here.  Please join us in praising His name, and praying for these young believers.

**AN IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING SUPPORT: Over the past five years, we have been overwhelmed by your faithful and sacrificial financial support.  Thank you!  As we transition back to the US, we will continue to draw from our support account at International Teams through the end of September (9/30).  We would deeply appreciate your continued support through the end of September.  This will provide the necessary funds for transitioning back to the US.

Speaking of support, Sanner Baby #3 will bring a special joy into our lives… and special expenses.  A special financial gift would be a great help to us during this time of transition and change.  You can give online here – – simply designate your gift to “Brett and Kristin Sanner.”  You can also give by check.  Make your check payable to “International Teams” and send it to the address below.  Include a note that indicates that your gift is for “Brett & Kristin Sanner.”

International Teams
411 W. River Rd.
Elgin, IL 60123

Thanks so much for your partnership in God’s work here!  You – indeed – have been our partners in the gospel here.  Thank you!!
By God’s Grace,
Brett, Kristin, Sofia & Emma

5 thoughts on “Sanner Update – April 2012

  1. Praying for your family. May the Lord grant a safe and healthy delivery, and supernatural strength to Kristin. May He also direct you in this upcoming transition and towards the opportunity that He intends for you to pursue. We’ll continue to pray for Greece and the precious refugees. May the Lord continue the work that He has so carefully orchestrated through your service for His glory. Blessings and love! Quinton, Rathi and Ish

  2. Thanks God for his gift ,i praing god save her and Kristin , God bless the family , long live full of god loves,

  3. May the Lord give you guys all the grace and peace you need to navigate these new challenges and transitions, and reassure you that He is indeed in control!

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