Kristin started feeling contractions around 9pm Tuesday night; we were at the movies, trying to squeeze in one last date night before the baby’s arrival!  We cut our date short and headed to the hospital (Anyone know how The Avengers ends?  I think that it’s safe to assume that everything turned out okay.).  After a few tiring but trouble-free hours, Kristin gave birth to a healthy baby girl: Joy (Greek: Χαρά) Elise.  Joy made her presence official at 4:10am (Wednesday, May 9th), weighing in at 3.59 kilos (7.9lbs).  After a bit of rest this morning, both Kristin and baby are doing great!  Thanks for your love and prayers!

Joy and Mommy
Girl did not want to open her eyes this morning (which is understandable)!
Kristin and Artemis – our awesome mid-wife
Daddy and baby

6 thoughts on “Joy Elise

  1. Welcome Joy Sanner to God’s creation and your blessed parents!! Mom and Dad shared with me on ‘puter so nice to meet you. You look like both of your sisters….can really see you belong!!! Can;t wait to meet you – sounds like maybe quite soon!
    Gramma Greta

  2. Congratulations Brett Kristin Sofi and Emma! Wonderful, wonderful to see Joy’s photo via internet this morning. GOd’s blessings as you raise her to love Jesus. May she always be a blessing and honor to God and your family! (love her name…… oldest daughter is Joy too). You have a precious family. Love and prayers – Greta Biegel

  3. Both Mom & Baby look beautiful!! Congrats to the big sisters! Sorry, Brett, I haven’t seen The Avengers, but once you’re back in the U.S. I’d be happy to watch the girls so you can take Kristin on another date night! Big hugs to you all!

    Heidi Wareham

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