Happy Friday!   It’s hard to believe that Joy is only 9 days old, or that tomorrow is one week since we brought her home from the hospital!  She’s been a sweet baby though – a good eater, a good sleeper, and – overall – a pretty chill little one.  We have no complaints!   And we’re happy to see how much love and affection Sofia and Emma have for their new little sister.  It warms our hearts.  Enjoy some pictures of baby Joy!

Joy, ready to come home from the hospital!
Sofia and Emma meeting Joy for the first time.
Her first bath at home (and with quite the audience)
Daddy & Joy
Joy & Mommy
And a great baby shower from friends here in Athens!

3 thoughts on “Friday Photos – 18.05.2012

  1. Thanks for sharing those Friday Photos of your newest….wow – what a beautiful little girl – So glad for you she is adjusting to ‘life’ …..God’s blessings – children are a heritage from the Lord! May you all be a huge influence and blessing as you see her grow to a fine younglady!! Greta

  2. Do I see a bit of blondish/red hair on Joy? Maybe after your dad’s Mom??? She used to live at Village woods at the Big House…I remember her. Greta

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