Tickets: check.

Passports: check.

Crazy: check.

Two weeks from today, we are leaving Greece.  The reality of this hasn’t completely sunk in quite yet, but the busyness of it certainly has.  We’re in the midst of many sad goodbyes, packing, selling, paperwork, and a myriad of other details that accompany a family of five moving halfway across the world.

Despite all the busyness, we have no complaints.  Baby Joy is doing well… the rest of the girls too.  We’re looking forward to some quality time with friends in the coming weeks (teammates, refugees, church members, and neighbors).  I’ll have one more opportunity to preach at the church we’ve been attending.  There are still a few more memories to be made before we leave town!

In addition to all this, we’re also thinking about what will happen once we’re back on US soil.  We’ve already got a car lined up, thanks to grandma and grandpa Sanner’s reconnaissance work!  I’m beginning to speak with our sending churches about scheduling a visit.  We’re certainly looking forward to some quality time with friends and family.  The one (major) piece of the puzzle that we’re still working on is… well, work.  Please join us in praying for wisdom as we pursue how the next season of life and ministry look.  My focus right now is finding a preaching position or the right associate role within a church.  I’ve worked up a little CV here on the blog.  Feel free to pass the link along to anyone you think might be interested.  We’ll keep  you posted.  But until then, thanks for your prayers and support!

One thought on “Counting the Days

  1. Have been & will continue to pray Brett for employment. A door will open …. God knows – it will be that you are surprised, blessed and renewed in God’s faithfulness – exciting times ahead. Safe trip – it will be so great to see all of you very soon now. Greta

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