Hi Friends,

Our latest newsletter is here!  Download the .pdf – HERE – or see our text-only version below.  Thanks for your prayers, support, and love!



A New Season

In our family, we’re excited to greet each new season.  Every season offers something unique: spring flowers (Kristin’s favorite), ice cream in the summer (Emma’s favorite), football in the fall (Brett’s favorite), and the first snowfall of winter (Sofia’s favorite).  As one season slips into the next, we celebrate the new… and a part of us mourns what’s passing by.

This is how we feel today after five years in Athens, Greece.  We’ve said our goodbyes, packed our things, and are now back in the US.  And now we enter a season of transition.  This means at least two things for us:  First, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with friends, family, and our sending churches.  We can’t wait to see you face-to-face, and thank you for your role in this ministry!  Secondly, we are continuing to seek God for what’s next.  While we look for the right ministry fit in this new season, we deeply appreciate your prayers!

In addition, International Teams will continue to forward your support/gifts to us until the end of September.  This will allow us to retrain our health insurance and cover our living expenses during this transition period.  Thank you for your support during this time of transition.

By God’s Grace – Brett, Kristin, Sofia, Emma, & Joy

* On May 9th, we welcomed Joy Elise Sanner into the world and into our family.  Thanks so much for your prayers!

* Our last month was full of many hard goodbyes.  We will certainly miss our friends, teammates, and ministry in Athens…

* …at the same time, we’re excited to welcome what God has for us next.   We are thankful for your continued prayers.

2 thoughts on “Sanner News – June 2012

  1. Thanks Brett. Nice sound man I hope all the best love you . thanks for all the help spiritually relationship every moument I spend with you and your family , kiss full love of christ , god never let you a lonly if you are far from Greece ,my Heart with you gays , I have again,I say love you,,,,yours brother Azad

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