We are far from Athens… but we continue to pray with – and for – our former teammates.  Speaking of which, here’s an exciting update from a former teammate in Athens, regarding a friend that we’ve mentioned here before – “Z” a single mother of four from Afghanistan.  Please continue to pray for the ministry, the refugees, and our former teammates in Athens!

For the past 3ish years, many of you have been praying for a close friend of mine, “Z”.  She is the single mother of four (two of them being twins) that I’ve written about many times before.  We are going to call her Zeba (this means beautiful in Farsi).  If you remember, she married at a very young age, was abused, and used to hurt herself because her pain was so great.  Three months ago Zeba gave her life over to Christ, and the transformation has been beautiful.  She frequently gives food and clothes to other hurting Afghan women, even though she has very little.  She comes to the refugee center every Saturday and sits with other Afghan women to hear their stories, help find out their immediate needs, and helps translate for me when I get stuck in my Farsi.  Many times I see her crying with the women she’s listening to.  Many times she is not able to help them physically, but I see how gently she talks with them and they walk away feeling a little better.  This past Friday at Bible study she openly proclaimed to the other women that she is in fact a Christian.  After Bible study I left with Zeba and another woman from Bible study.  We will call her Mariam.

As we were walking to the metro, Mariam said to Zeba, “Many women are telling me not to walk with you anymore because you are a Christian.”  Zeba stopped and said, “If you’re afraid to walk with me, go on ahead.  I won’t be angry.”  Mariam grabbed her arm and said, “Let’s go.  Let them say we are both Christian.  I don’t care.”  I was very touched by Mariam’s boldness.  A couple months ago I wrote about Mariam having her Bible torn up by her landlord and how she wanted to continue learning and studying.  With much joy I can write you today and also tell you that she gave her life over to Christ yesterday!  There is so much more I wish I could write, but this is already getting long!

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