While some consider radio a dead medium, I say that nothing gives me the pleasure of a well-told  radio story.  Radiolab, This American Life, and Q (among others) make the most of the medium.  Despite my gushing, this is not a post about radio, but about a few refugee-related stories that I recently heard on the radio.

1. Join the throngs of Syrians trying to escape the hopelessness of a refugee camp in Jordan (pictured above).  As people fight to board buses to re-enter the Syrian warzone, Deborah Amos tells their stories of desperation and frustation.  Listen in (4 min, 59 sec).

2. “The truly incredible story of a guy named Kirk Johnson who started a list of hundreds of Iraqis who needed to get out of their country. They were getting death threats, and he was their only hope. Only 26 and living in his aunt’s basement, he had no idea what to do. How Kirk kind of succeeded spectacularly and failed spectacularly at the same time.”  This American Life, episode 499.  Listen here (57 min, 32 sec).

Heard any compelling refugee stories recently: articles, books, film, TV, or even the oft-neglected radio?

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