No passports, no visas… just Iowa.  This weekend we visited the great city of Des Moines.  And although none of us speak French, we were happily surprised to find that the locals were both able and willing to oblige us Anglophiles.  All joking aside, when we announced to the kids that we had crossed the border, Sofia asked, “What language do they speak in Iowa?”  

Welcome to America, honey.   

We had a great time.  I ran in the Des Moines marathon on Sunday morning.  Beautiful course and perfect conditions for a nice long run.  I didn’t set any land speed records, but I was happy with my slow-but-steady 4 hrs. 32 mins.  

On Saturday, Sofia and Emma ran in a kids race.  Five years and under ran just 1/8 of a mile, but they enjoyed the experience of lining up with all the kids and running the course. They even got a tee-shirt and finisher’s medal!  

Fun was had by all.  And maybe it was just the beauty of fall, but we thought that the city of Des Moines was splendid! 

Pumped for the kids' 200 meter dash!
Pumped for the kids’ 200 meter dash!
and they're off!!
They’re off!!
Beautiful day and course for 26.2
Beautiful day and course for 26.2
Best cheering section ever.
Best cheering section ever.

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