What if you never played by someone else’s rules?

Kevin Kelley and his Bruins have been in the news quite a bit recently. Learn more about this team and their unorthodox strategy here. HT: Thom Rainer who has a number of reflections and lessons that may be helpful to pastors and church leaders. 

  1. Just because everyone else is doing it a certain way, doesn’t mean you should too.
  2. Stats and trends are important. 
  3. Creativity often comes from necessity.
  4. Read books that make you think a little bit differently. 
  5. All the little things add up. 
  6. There will be complainers. 

Check Rainer’s blog for a further description of each of these lessons.  

I loved what one commenter (Josh) said at the blog, “Next lesson: a little aggressiveness goes a long way. Many leaders and many churches are just too safe. It takes a green light mentality to get the gospel to all nations.”  

Yes! Amen! And well said!

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