Christmas announces a great revolution, one in which God overthrows the tyranny of man and installs a just King, one who is mighty (beyond our comprehension) and yet merciful (beyond our wildest hopes). There isn’t room here for two kings: we can’t serve Jesus – and Caesar.  If Jesus is Lord, then Caesar isn’t.  And while we don’t live in the time of Caesars, Jesus still confronts any and every would-be false god who competes for the allegiance of our hearts. So Christmas shouldn’t just warm our hearts, it should remind our hearts that only Jesus is King – a powerful, merciful, promise-fulfilling King.

And yet here’s the good news: Jesus is exactly the King that we’ve always needed.  Yes, we should spend less this Christmas on stuff that won’t satisfy.  But Jesus knew that we needed so much more than a moral lecture or a good cause (however appropriate those might be).  The rebellion that began in Bethlehem that morning was a revolution of grace

Our King took off His royal robes and set aside His royal privileges. Our King became a servant… and He served us even to the point of death – death on a cross.  A King who would die for His people – in our place, for our sins, that we be reconciled to God, that we might find our true home in Him (the only place that satisfies).  Our King paid our debt.  While we were yet helpless, our King came to free us from sin.  Our King tasted death so that we might know life.

In Christ, Caesar – and every other would-be king – has been dethroned.  In Christ, we have a truly good King – One who came to give us life, and set us free.  And in Christ, we have been freed from the lie that there is satisfaction in any other name.  And so this Christmas, let’s celebrate this truth and this freedom.  This Christmas, let’s celebrate this King.

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