Here’s a word of hope for you: “Jesus is a far great savior than you are a sinner” (Jackson Crum).  Yes, you may be a great sinner… but Jesus is a far greater savior.

Just think about it for a moment.  The Bible is full of examples of God redeeming people out of deep, deep pits of sin and self-destruction.   I mean honestly it’s hard to out due the sin of some of these people who we call “biblical heroes.”  

It’s hard to out do Moses. He was a murderer. The text says, “He looked this way and that, and seeing no one, he struck down the Egyptian and hid him in the sand” (Ex. 2:12). This isn’t just some crime of passion; he’s checking for witnesses and covering his trail. A murderer – and yet, despite this hole of sin that Moses had dug for himself, God redeemed him and restored him and used him to lead Israel out of slavery in Egypt. 

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been.  You’re not going to find a place beyond God’s redemptive reach.  I mean, what’s on your list: Jail time?  Well, Joseph had spent years in prison before God used him to save hundreds of thousands of lives. Adultery? David (the great King of Israel) was an adulterer – oh, and murderer too.  Rehab (who would serve as a link in Jesus’ own family line) was a prostitute! 

 The Bible is littered with people who blew it – people who had dug themselves into some pretty deep and dark holes.  But as Corrie ten Boom says, “There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.” Jesus specializes in reaching into the pits of our lives – into the filthy, dark, secret places in our hearts – and redeeming broken people.  God takes those seemingly beyond redemption and uses them to display His glory and demonstrate His grace. 

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