An update and prayer request from friends (Impact Southern Sudan) working to help resettle refugees in the young country of South Sudan. Please pray for the nation of South Sudan in the midst of an apparent attempted military coup.  Get updates from Impact Southern Sudan and the BBC.


News from South Sudan: Greetings from Goli and thank you for all of your encouragements and prayers. Indeed we are all very sad about the incident which occurred in Juba last Sunday night. Juba has been turned into a war zone overnight. People are displaced, children are stuffing and many are lacking access to basic human supplies especially water as all business in the town came to a holt. 

Over 500 people have been reported dead over the 48 hours clashes between soldiers who are allied to the ruling SPLM party under president Salva Kiir and those who are supporters of the former Vice President Dr. Rial Machar. The tension between this two leaders has been there since July this year when the Vice President indicated his intention to campaign for presidency in 2015. Kiir who is the currently president reacted upon hearing that message by dismissing his Vice and devolving his whole government.

A few days ago there was a meeting of the National liberation Council. A council which consists of high profile South Sudanese leaders and includes the Vice President and those who are opposed to the current president. In their meeting it was reported that the Vice President and the former SPLM Secretary General were denied access to the meeting. It was immediately after this meeting the clash in Juba sparked.

Several of the suspected leaders who are considered allies with the former Vice President have been arrested and the hunt for the Vice President is still going on.

I did call a couple of people this morning and they said there is a little calm despite sporadic gunshots. People are starting to look for food and water and in certain places shops are being open. The airport is accessible and two planes from Kenya have been reported to have landed this morning in Juba international airport.

Kindly pray for the masses who have been displaced, lost their beloved one and for our political leaders to act wisely and not allow this whole crisis to spill over into a tribal conflict nor a civil war.

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