Join me in praying for South Sudan (backstory)!   Peace talks between rebel and government leaders are underway (in a nightclub – yes, that’s true). Here’s an update and synopsis from friends working with International Teams 

Dec. 15, 2013
Uprising begins in Juba the capital of South Sudan.

Dec. 16, 2013 – Jan. 4, 2014
South Sudanese army begins to split and fight each other. Some soldiers support existing President Kiir. Others support ousted Vice President Dr. Mackar. Fighting stops in Juba but intensifies in two oil rich states, Unity and Jongelei. Rebel forces take over capital cities of Unity and Jongelei States. Fighting continues in these two states but there are hostilities occurring across most of South Sudan. Heartbreakingly, over 200,000 South Sudanese have fled their homes and are living in UN compounds and makeshift Refugee camps and tragically over 1,000 have died.

Jan. 5, 2014
Peace talks are taking place between the rebels and the government in Ethiopia. Very slow progress but talks are continuing.

 Jan 10 – present.
City of Bor has been struggling with peace and overtaken by both groups several time. South Sudan’s military says it has recaptured the oil hub of Bentiu from rebels but ceasefire talks in neighbouring Ethiopia have stalled.
Crisis Situation :: There is little food, clean water, proper sanitation and shelter for the tens of thousands of displaced people. Many are hiding in the bushes without food and protection. Fighting continues and is intensifying as Government troops attempt to take back rebel controlled cities. Refugee’s fleeing to Uganda and other parts of Sudan – camps and transit homes made for 400 are holding 20,000 with again food and water shortages. Where we have been working there are transit home of 2,700 to 10,000 
This is truly a desperate situation.  Prayer points:
1. Wisdom and humility upon our leaders as they carry on peace talks on Ethiopia.
2. Protection upon so many who are in the UN compounds, bushes of South Sudan and transit makeshift camps in search of security.
3. Pray for the children of South Sudan. It is so crushing to see these little ones caught in the midst of such violence. 
4. Pray that God will protect their minds and hearts from the things they are seeing, hearing and experiencing. The devastation for these children is beyond anything we could imagine.
5. Pray for the parents and caregivers of these children. For strength, wisdom and great comfort as they walk their children through this horrific time.

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