It’s been nearly two months since my last post here. That’s disappointing, but my lack of posting does not reflect a lack of interest, just a lack of time. After a short hiatus, here’s a well-ordered list to jump back in with both feet. Because, well, I love a good list.

1 – Ellie.

This little Ellie.
This is Ellie. She’s great.

2. I got a chance to preach a message from Acts 16 earlier this month. Just in case, you can listen (right click – or control click – to download) here.

3. Sofia.

She's getting way too big, way too fast.
She’s getting way too big, way too fast.

4. I turned in my first research paper for my doctoral program. I wrote on the use of call narratives in the literature of the Second Temple Period. Nerdy, but it was fun. I’m looking forward to getting some feedback (esp. as this is our first paper).

5. Reading way too many books. I’m currently working through E.P Sander’s Judaism: Practice and Belief 63BCE-66CE and Scot McKnight’s Jesus and His Death: Historiography, the Historical Jesus, and Atonement Theory. More nerdom, but rich and interesting reading for school.

6. Emma.

Emma: Future Ninja
Emma: Future Ninja

7. LifePoint has been a buzz with happenings: a big celebration service at the local university, looking for some new pastoral staff, moving towards a future building project, and more! It’s been great, but far greater is the fact that lives are being changed and disciples are being made. These stories of life transformation in Jesus is what it’s all about!

8. Speaking of LifePoint, the elders and pastors are headed out for a short retreat this week. We’ll be learning, discussing, growing, praying, and generally having a blast! Your prayers for our time away are deeply appreciated.

9. Joy.

What a bundle of joy! Seriously.
What a bundle of joy! Seriously.

10. Oh yeah, plus our first foray into filmmaking.

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