People are drawn to similarity: “birds of a feather flock together.” It’s not just a cliché though… it’s a sociological reality. We don’t drift towards diversity; we drift towards those who are like us. I could give you a hundred examples, from our national politics to the ethnic enclaves in the neighborhoods of our cities… but I don’t need to give you an example, because you already know it. You see it: in the school cafeteria, and in the break room at work. It’s not just racial – although that’s usually where it starts. In general, our default is to prefer what is known, and comfortable, and familiar to us.

But hear me on this: God had a bigger vision for the church. Our default is sin, and brokenness, and division. Our default as humans is that in order to be with us, you have to become like us. Sometimes that’s “you’ve got to look like us” – or you’ve got to talk like us, or dress like us, or vote like us; sometimes it’s about economic, or status, or educational. Our actions betray our hearts: In order to be with us, you’ve got to be like us.

But God wants to smash that way of thinking (He’s breaking the mold, recalibrating our default), because in the Kingdom of God, people from every culture use all of that diversity to glorify the name of Jesus!

How does Jesus change the race question? How does Jesus inform the discussion? Here’s a message that I gave at LifePoint last month on God’s vision for a diverse people. Download here (right click – or control click – to save file), or listen below:


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