Is there hope in Iraq today?  Is there even the faintest whisper of Good News in the midst of the Islamic State’s onslaught of war, genocide, and beheadings?

In the midst of the countless Internally Displaces Peoples (IDPs) and refugees fleeing the Islamic State, there are some who have sacrificed in order to offer help – and hope.

Find an hour and watch this documentary style film documenting the needs, the challenges, and the opportunities among the Kurds (a people group in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey).

I know… I know… an hour.  It’s worth it. Stream it to your TV when the kids go to bed. You may not want this, but you need it (may God use it to cultivate in us a heart like His own).

The Kurds (who have been stateless for centuries) have an ancient proverb: “The Kurds have no friends but the mountains.”  Little do they know how God’s heart burns for the Kurdish people. He has sent a perfect Friend to bind their wounds, pay their debts, and bring them into a place of insurmountable, inexpressible joy.

Who will show the Kurds that they indeed have a better Friend than the mountains?

Join me in praying for the Kurds.

Also learn more about Frontier Alliance International (who created this film) and find next steps here.

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