As we announced Sunday morning, LifePoint is taking a team to Athens later this year to serve alongside the ministry of Helping Hands. I’m pumped! As many of you may know, my family and I spent five years working at Helping Hands (more here). As a cultural, continental, and religious crossroads, Athens provides a unique opportunity to join God’s work among the nations. If you are a LifePointer who is interested in joining us, be sure to come to the informational meeting on Sunday, May 3rd (12:30pm; downtown).

While you’re here, let me also encourage you to poke through the blog a bit to learn more about the ministry and the current situation in Athens:

Lost in Greece: Last year, roughly 43,500 asylum seekers and immigrants crossed the Mediterranean from Turkey to Greece. Learn more about these perilous crossings… [MORE]

Ministry Profile: A friend wrote up this brief summary of the ministry in Athens. It’s a great overview… [MORE]

My Best Day in Athens: A refugee’s thankfulness for the Christmas parties (where our team will serve)… [MORE]

Nine Years Later: A testimony nine years in the making… [MORE]

Journey for Truth: “I thought that I coming to Europe for a better job, a better education, a better life… but God has shown me that it was a journey for truth.”…[MORE]

I Want This: After many weeks of studying Jesus, “R” made a bold pronouncement, “I want this!”…[MORE]

Finally, here’s a video documenting a day in the life of Lisa, one of many working to share the love of Jesus in Athens…

For LifePointers, if you’re interested (or even interested in being interested), join us for the informational meeting on May 3rd or email me with questions (!

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