A recent update from a friend and former teammate in Athens…


Hello from Athens!

Refugees are definitely in the news these days! The situation in Greece right now is difficult with so many desperate people arriving. Our team is engaging new refugees, praying for them, and seeking how we can best serve and share Christ with those who are coming into Greece.

Maybe as you read the news you’re also wondering how you can help refugees? Let me give you some practical suggestions.

Pray! Part of the refugee story right now is the humanitarian crisis. But the other part is that God is at work among these people, changing the spiritual destiny of individuals, families and even nations through this crisis. Jesus is being proclaimed to those who haven’t heard and many individuals and families are forever changed by an encounter with Him. Pray for God’s protection of refugees and intervention into their lives. Pray that His Word would go forth and that He would continue to send more workers into this harvest field. Pray that new refugee believers would grow in their faith and have the courage to share it with their own countrymen.

Be a friend! Across Europe and America refugees are being resettled. In addition to practical needs, they are in desperate need of friendship and community with local people. Often the biggest struggles for refugees after they’ve reached a stable country are not the material, but relational. The stress and adrenaline of the journey is over, and ahead of them is the overwhelming task of creating a new life in a foreign country. Being a friend is a HUGE thing for a refugee. Invite refugees in to be a part of your community, church and family.

Support a missionary! Across the world there are multitudes of missionaries who serve refugees day-in and day-out, seeking to meet the physical and spiritual needs of refugees. Support those who have given their lives to serve by praying for them, giving financially, encouraging them, and being a friend to them.

[If you’d like to support the work of Helping Hands among refugees in Athens, you can give via International Teams USA or another International Teams National Office, simply designate your gift to Helping Hands – Athens.]

Serve! Search for churches or community centers involved with refugees in your area, and see how you can be involved.

Educate yourself about refugees! Read the news or stories about the individual lives of refugees. Ask a refugee friend to tell you his/her story. To learn more about the journey of refugees, I recommend (for adults, not children) watching the movie “The Good Lie” about Sudanese refugees and their journey to America.

I can tell you through countless stories and encounters with refugees that God is alive and at work! Praise Him! He is working through His people and His church across Europe as believers answer God’s call to engage with refugees. I encourage you to ask Him how He might have you to be a part of His great work of drawing people from all nations to Himself. And then step out in obedience.

I have many stories to be told from this summer about God’s transforming work in the lives of refugees! I’ll write again soon to share some of those stories with you all. Thanks for your continued prayers, care and support!

Christy T.

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